Hi there. This is my personal website.

2017-11-06: Hey, my site has gone offline a lot recently. Sorry about that. It's up now! 2016-01-30: I found an elliptic curve that I think I can call E-321. e321.py 2015-05-22: O hai, new server! 2013-08-30: I don't think I really need to tell anyone that I'm in full support of Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald. I'll leave this update here to make that very clear. 2013-02-18: Check out the Password Hashing Competition for infinite funtiems! 2013-02-05: Here's some fun RC4 stuff, by the way: rc4bias.js Let's say I'm at least reachable on Twitter, too. 2012-08-06: Added dhbitty, safe_primes.txt. 2012-06-26: I don't want to install PHP so it might be a while before I get all the pages up again. Contact me if there was something in particular you needed. 2012-06-15: Just hold on tight.
Contact: IRC: yarrkov on Freenode. (Use this.) Email: yarrkov gmail com. (Avoid, unless you're truly willing to wait.) Twitter: @yarrkov Some recent things: * dhbitty * safe_primes.txt Here are a couple of things I've written since I became a Node.JS fanatic: * yidentd.js * ycrack.js And this one's still useful even though you won't figure it out: * kurr.c Here's my PRNG and my hash: * v3b.c * v3bhash.c Some cryptanalysis results: * break-rtea-2.c * Cryptanalysis of XXTEA * Cryptanalysis of block EnRUPT Here's some slacktivism: Free Chelsea Manning Free Jeremy Hammond Stand for marriage I also wish to mention a few nice things by some other people: * QuackCast for a podcast on medical quackery. * Bob Jenkins' Web Site for information on hashing, cryptography and other things. And this here is a very small rainbow:

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