Hi there. This is my personal website. I'm Elias Yarrkov.

2021-04-16: Removed outdated slacktivism links. 2020-11-13: Oh it's back up again! New server, too. 2017-11-06: Hey, my site has gone offline a lot recently. Sorry about that. It's up now! 2016-01-30: I found an elliptic curve that I think I can call E-321. e321.py 2015-05-22: O hai, new server! 2013-08-30: I don't think I really need to tell anyone that I'm in full support of Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald. I'll leave this update here to make that very clear. 2013-02-18: Check out the Password Hashing Competition for infinite funtiems! 2013-02-05: Here's some fun RC4 stuff, by the way: rc4bias.js Let's say I'm at least reachable on Twitter, too. 2012-08-06: Added dhbitty, safe_primes.txt. 2012-06-26: I don't want to install PHP so it might be a while before I get all the pages up again. Contact me if there was something in particular you needed. 2012-06-15: Just hold on tight.
Contact: IRC: yarrkov on Freenode Email: yarrkov gmail com. 2020-11-13: I'm not currently back on IRC, but I'm working on it! Some recent things: * dhbitty * safe_primes.txt Here are a couple of things I've written since I became a Node.JS fanatic: * yidentd.js * ycrack.js And this one's still useful even though you won't figure it out: * kurr.c Here's my PRNG and my hash: * v3b.c * v3bhash.c Some cryptanalysis results: * break-rtea-2.c * Cryptanalysis of XXTEA * Cryptanalysis of block EnRUPT Here's some slacktivism: [There used to be hyperlink buttons here supporting marriage equality and the release of Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond, but all of these have become outdated. Imagine something like that here.] I also wish to mention a few nice things by some other people: * QuackCast for a podcast on medical quackery. * Bob Jenkins' Web Site for information on hashing, cryptography and other things. And this here is a very small rainbow:

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